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Please find below more information about the Wrap Around Care offer available on site at Kyson. Please ensure that you read the ‘Terms and Conditions & Behaviour Statement" document below.  

Opening Hours and Charges

Kyson Breakfast Club will open at 7.30am and run until 8.30am when the children will transition to the classroom. Breakfast will be available until 8.20am every morning. 

The Kyson After-school Club will offer different timings and charges based on needs. There will be a snack available on arrival and a light evening meal served between 4.45 and 5pm if staying for this option.


Timings Fees

Breakfast Club

7.30-8.30am £5.00 (breakfast available until 8.20am)

After School Club 1

3.20 – 6.00pm £12.00 (includes snack and light meal)
After School Club 2 3.20 – 4.45pm

£7.00 (includes snack but not light meal)

If attending a Kyson Club fees are adjusted to:

After School Club 1 4.15 – 6.00pm

£7.00 (includes snack and light meal)

After School Club 2 4.15 – 4.45pm

£3.50 (includes snack but not light meal)


All bookings for wrap around care sessions need to be made on ParentMail. It is recommended that you download the free IRIS ParentMail mobile app. Instructions on how to download the App can be found here.  If you would prefer not to use the App then you can login to your ParentMail account at the following address:

Instructions about how to make and pay for bookings can be found here.

We ask that parents please book the sessions as far in advance as possible. You can make bookings up to 8 weeks in advance. 

Last minute bookings can be made on ParentMail up to 48 hours in advance of the session. After this, bookings cannot be made online and need to be emailed to the school office on


We ask that parents please cancel any booked sessions as soon as they can. These cancellations can be made on ParentMail up to 48 hours ahead of the session. After this, last minute cancellations need to be emailed to the school office on


Bookings and Cancellatons need to be made on ParentMail. When making a booking, you will have the choice to either “Pay Now” or “Pay Later”.  You also have the option to “Top Up” your child’s account at any time to use against future bookings.

If you choose to “Pay Later”, the bookings you make will need to be added to the basket and checked out; this will create a charge against your account which will be visible in the red box at the top of the screen.  You can then choose to pay this balance as and when it suits you but please ensure that outstanding balances are settled on a timely basis.

Payment by Vouchers, Tax Free Child Care and Grants

As soon as the school receives the remittance from your child care voucher or grant provider, your ParentMail account balance will be adjusted accordingly. Please note that this can take up to 2 or 3 weeks to process. 

Where will the children be?

We intend to host wrap around care primarily in the current Nursery room as this is a large space with its own office, kitchen, toilets and coat peg areas. We will also make use of all of our outdoor areas, hall and music room where needed. We are investing money in purchasing equipment and furniture to make the spaces we are using suitable to host children of all ages.   

Where will I drop off and collect my children?

Wrap around care drop off and collection will take place from the side door to the Key Stage 1 corridor and Nursery entrance. There will be a door bell to gain attention. 

What will the children be doing?

The wrap around care leader will have weekly planning time to prepare a wide range of activities such as craft, games, art and help with homework. We will be making maximum use of the outdoor areas of the school such as the field, play equipment, wildlife area and garden beds. Before the end of the summer term, we will also take the chance to talk to some of the children who are signed up to attend to listen to what they would like from the sessions. 

There is a high expectation that children attending the Wrap Around Care will be well behaved and follow the school rules, in line with the School’s Behaviour Policy. All school policies will apply to the wrap around care service. 

What if there is a change?

Full fees are applicable for absences including sickness, holidays or other non-working related reasons unless a notice period of 24 hours is provided. If you need to book or cancel sessions at very late notice, please email the school office on

If you have any questions about Wrap Around Care, please do ask and we will do our best to help.

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