Kyson Primary School

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Typical Day

A typical Kyson day:

07.30am Breakfast club starts for those that require it (until 8.30am)
08.30am The school gates open and children can make their way to classrooms under adult supervision
08.45am Morning Nursery session begins

Registers and gates close

09.10am Assembly or Class Activities
09.30am Learning time

Playtime (free, healthy snacks provided for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children)

10.45am Learning time
11.45am Nursery and Reception morning finishes and children have lunch and playtime

Years 1 and 2 morning finishes and the children lunch and playtime


KS2 children morning finishes and the children have lunch  and playtime

Afternoon Nursery session begins


Learning time


Reception children have a free, healthy afternoon snack 


End of the school day

  • Reception and Year 1 and 2 children are brought onto the playground by teachers and are released to parents/carers
  • KS2 children meet parents on their playground independently.

After school club (until 6pm) and Extra-Curricular clubs (until 4.15pm) start