Kyson Primary School

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Pre-Loved Uniform

Pre-loved uniform is available from the PTFA. 

An inventory of items is available by emailing the PTFA on

If you would like any items, please email the PTFA, request the items you would like, stating your child's name and age. The items requested will then be left in the school office in a clearly marked bag for you to collect. 

The PTFA are asking, if possible, for donations towards items. Please give your donation to the school office in an envelope/money bag when your bag.


If you have any pre-loved Kyson uniform that is in a clean and wearable condition, which your child no longer wears, please feel free to drop it off at the school office for the PTFA to sell and raise funds for the school. Items can be dropped off at anytime during the year and are all gratefully received.

If anyone is in desperate need for school clothing at anytime, then please email or alternatively speak to the school office.