Kyson Primary School

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About the NuRSERY

A warm welcome to  Kyson Nursery in Woodbridge. 

At Kyson Primary School, we understand that starting Nursery is a very important milestone in every child’s life. As a parent/carer, you have an important role to play in helping your child take the first steps on their learning journey. We are keen to work with you to make sure that starting Nursery is a positive experience for your child, and to help your child achieve their full potential in a warm and caring environment.

To celebrate and record your child’s progress and achievement throughout their journey with us, a Learning Journal is compiled by our nursery teacher; it records those special moments and keeps you involved in partnership as your child develops. 

Before your child starts Nursery we will invite you and your child to a taster play session in the nursery. This will be followed by a home visit so staff can meet you and your child in their familiar environment. Where possible, Nursery staff will visit your child in their pre-school setting.  



Kyson Nursery is open from 8.45am to 3.15pm Monday to Fridays during term time. The Nursery  follows the school calendar and observes the same holidays. Children start Nursery from the term following their 3rd birthday (if there is a space) and will stay until the September following their 4th Birthday.

Allocation of a Nursery place does not guarantee subsequent admission into our Reception Classes. Parents must re-apply for a school place through Suffolk County Council and not directly to the school.

The Nursery makes provision for children with special needs and children who have English as an additional language. The setting employs one full-time Teacher and Nursery Nurse, always providing the appropriate ratios (1:13).

The Nursery children at Kyson Primary School in Woodbridge wear the same school uniform as the rest of the school, but without the tie, and the choice of a Nursery sweatshirt. Please follow this link to visit our School Uniform page.

Nursery children share a snack and drink together each morning and afternoon. We promote healthy eating in school and participate in the governments ‘School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme’. This entitles each child to a free piece of fruit or vegetable each school day. Under the Welfare Food Scheme, run by the Department of Health, ‘Under fives’ are also eligible for free school milk.

We aim to ensure that every child settles quickly.  Children are able to feel comfortable and confident as they progress through these crucial years of their early education.

We extend a very warm invitation to you to come and visit us.  Come and meet the children and staff who make our school the 'Best School in the Universe'!

**Click here to look around the Nursery, meet the staff and see all the exciting learning opportunities we have to offer**