Kyson Primary School

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The school has a duty to monitor children’s attendance and ensure that all children who are registered with us are attending school regularly. As part of this, the school follows the processes set out in the DfE ‘Children missing education: Statutory guidance for local authorities September 2016’ document.

Activities at Kyson to ensure our duties are fulfilled include:

  • Termly meetings to review attendance percentages and lateness
  • Termly EWO visits
  • Sharing information with the local authority
  • Daily checks of all registers
  • First Day calling
  • Regular publication of attendance rates via Headteacher’s newsletter
  • Regular reminders of attendance responsibilities in headteacher’s newsletter
  • School support and intervention for any pupil/ family where a pupils’ attendance rate drops below 95%

At Kyson, if a child is not in school by 9.30 and we have not been advised of the absence, we will begin investigations/internal arrangements until we are assured that that child is safe, (eg – calling relatives, knocking on doors, informing the EWO, calling the police etc).

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