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We really enjoy finding out about Kyson children’s achievements, thoughtfulness and kindness in all aspects of life. Children visit Mr Gunson and become ‘Superstars’. Each ‘Superstar’ is celebrated in assembly, has a page in our Superstar book (kept in the school lobby) and has their achievement added to the school website. You can read about our latest Superstars below.





Robin has earned a Blue Peter Sports Badge. 


Joshua has earned this medal for representing his his football team. 


Rory has earned his 10m and 25m certificates for swimming. 


Zoe completed a brilliant project at home on magnets because she was interested in the science topic

Zephyr and Atreyu

Zephyr and Atreyu have both earned swimming certificates for completing 5m distances. 

Tilly and Martha

Tilly and MArtha both attended a tennis event and earned certificates as a result.


Walter has earned his Rainbow distance swimming certificate for 10m.  Well done. 


Phoebe has gained lots of badges for her Guides group.


Joshua produced some amazing work and also gained his 15m swimming badge.

George and Eva

George and Eva supported the Round Table charity and helped raise £500 by collecting with Santa!

Connor, Lola, Poppy and Bryleigh

Connor, Lola, Poppy and Bryleigh worked together to write some thoughtful poems. 


Darcie has achieved her 25m swimming certificate.


Chloe has achieved her fitness badge from Guides.

Harry and Alice

Harry and Alice have gained their Gymnastics Stage 5 and 6 awards.


Alexandra has gained her Learn to Swim Stage 2 certificate.


Chloe earned her Children in Need badge.

Jiarui, Chloe and Charlotte

Jiarui, Chloe and Charlotte all made their Guildes promise - wonderful!


Otto has passed sher Grade 2 Violin with a distinction! 


Alana wrote a book of songs to charge with Mr Gunson. 

Kitty, Lylia and Ada

Kitty, Lylia and Ada wrote a book of poems to share with Mr Gunson.


Louisa has achieved her Rainbow 5m swimming badge.


Annabella has achieved Stage 6 swimming.


completed a charity run to raise money.


Phoebe earned her Remembrance parade badge.


Leo has gained Stagecoach 4 and 5 year awards.  Super committment


Olivia earned her water skills certificate and Girl Guides Children in Need badge.


earned player of the match twice for her football team. 

Reide and Will

earned their 3rd Stripe on the brown belt for Kuk Sool classes.


Heidi wrote an amazing spring poem to share with Mr Gunson. Fabulous


Sam has earned these swimming certificates - brilliant!


Avaiya for her achievement in completing her Learn to Swim Level 1 award.  A very well done!


Maisie for taking part in a National roller skating competition - coming in a very impressive 3rd place!  Well done Masie, a true Kyson superstar!


For his increditable drawings.  Connor came to visit Mr Gunson with such pride, he is such a creative Superstar and should be really proud if his talents and enthusiasm.  Well done Connor!


For taking  part in the Holt Rugby Tournament - working together with her team to succeed and reach for the stars, well done Annabella!


After being inspired about the COP26 convention, Macey produced a wonderful poster with her climate pledges to help make the world a better place - well done Macey.


Savannah for sharing with Mr Gunson her wonderful writing that  she was so very proud of - beautifuly presented and high  quality work, well done Savannah!


For swimming 10m and completing his Stage 2 award.  Well done Zeb - brilliant effort!


For completing an LTA tennis course.  Well done Martha - fantasic !


For completing her Stage 2 swimming award.  Well done Eden - super effort!


Jack for achieving his 25m swimming badge.  Well sone Jack - a fantastic success!


For her writing her own short story all about overcoming a fear of the dark.  Well done Macey!


For completing Stage 2 swimming and moving up a group.  Well done Otis - super effort!


Emily completed a 5K run for Beat.  The event raised £1800!


Elsa has produced a brilliant Pangolins fact file.


Walter was man of the match and scored a hat trick in his first game for Woodbridge Woodpeckers.


Aaron earned this football trophy for playing for his team.

Poppy and Simeon

Poppy and Simeon colored in these endangered animal pictures.


Darci completed some extra maths at home to practice her skills.


Tabitha made a brilliant book all about Zoos. 


Jude has recently received sponsorship from Ed Sheeran music foundation to have piano lessons at planet music.  He wrote his own letter to Ed during lockdown, and was proud to receive sponsorship to have ongoing piano lesson!


Jessica produced a lovely poster for 'Switch off fortnight' - to encourage people to save energy.


Tobias earned 1st place in Ballroom and Latin when he danced at Blackpool in a competition


Sybil has earned a Tennis medal - great work Sybil.


Sybil earned two swimming certificates including her 'Learn to Swim' Stage 3.


Sophia made a brilliant poster about saving the planet - inspired by COP26


Martha earned her Learn to Swim Stage 2 award. 


Mia come to show me a fantastic book about Kyson values.


Charlie wrote a fantastic book all about his trip to Felixstowe.


Tobias earned this trophy for dancing at a competition.


Poppy produced some brilliant writing at home about Anne Frank.


Ruby-Mai completed her lean to  Swim stage 3 award.


Kyra gained gold for beam and silver for bars at her gymnastics club.


Diggory won gold, silver and bronze swimming medals - managing a county level time in backstroke.


Theo swam 200m to earn his Rainbow Distance award.


Phoebe earned her leader 2 badge and made her Brownies promise.


Daisy went home and completed some brilliant Maths - because she wanted to practice!


Maisie is a Roller skating dance champion - finishing 2nd in Britain in her category


Shelbie earned her Rainbow swimming distance badge 


Robin earned his Award 4 for Gymnastics.  Well done!


Kitty wrote a beautiful poem and came to share it with Mr Gunson.


Arian won a medal for competing for his rugby team in the Bury St. Edmunds festival.


Darcie took part in a dance show and came to show Mr Gunson her beautiful photos

Harry and Zach

Harry and Zach won a football medal for competing for his team over the season.


Oliver earned his Rainbow distance 5m badge and certificate.


Harriet earned her Learn to Swim Stage 1 badge and certificate.

Harry and Zach

Harry and Zach won medals for competing in the Bury rugby festival.


George earned his Award 3 for Gymnastics.  Well done.


Eva earned her Award 2 for Gymnastics.  Well done


Brandon completed a 5K walk for Great Ormond Street Hospital - well done!


Isabella has achieved her Recycling badge for Rainbows.  Super Eco attitude!


Theo was captain and scored a hattrick during a game for his football team.  Well done!


Harley completed  25m swimming distance and earned his certificate


Elsa earned her blue belt -- great job!


Emily earned her 25m Rainbow Distance award - fabulous!


Savannah brought in a beautiful ballet photo of her in a recent performance


Poppy is a super story writer and has made a book of her own!

Annabella and Arthur

Annabella and Arthur both played in a rugby tournament in Bury St Edmunds for their team Woodbridge. 


Lylia wrote a fantastic poem at home.


Lily has achieved a Grade 1 Ballet award - brilliant!


Martha wrote a fabulous poem and also earned her 2nd swimming badge. 


Reide helped lots of families by donating to a local food bank.


Harley earned his yellow/orange belt in Karate.


Sophia wrote a brilliant Rapunzel story.


Delilah made a super rocket with Mae Jemison in after our assembly on Monday.

Darcie and Phoebe

Darcie and Phoebe  authored and illustrated a brilliant book together.


Hope passed her ballet exam with no mistakes.  Wonderful!

Reagan and Avaiya

Reagan and Avaiya worked really hard on a litter pick at Felixstowe beach.


Isla produced this amazing poster about Anne Frank.


Isla went down and did some fabulous maths work in the holidays!


Evie has earned her orange belt for Karate.  Well done Evie!

Jiarui and Elspeth

Jiarui and Elspeth have both competed in drawing competitions with success - Jiarui in the Woodbridge Library Eco competition and Elspeth in a 5minute drawing challenge.  Well done to you both!


Connie has earned her Learn to Swim Stage 2 certificate - well done Connie!


Cole built this brilliant den in his garden - great job Cole!


Annabella was a mascot for Woodbridge Rugby Club 1st team! Great work.


Ada earned her Stage 4 Swimming Badge.  Well done Ada.


Tabitha has achieved Learn to Swim Stage 1 - brilliant!


Ellie has achieved her Gymnastics Award 4 - great stuff Ellie!


Bella has earned her orange belt for Karate.  Well done Bella!


Sophie gained her Gymnastics Award 4 - well done Sophie!


Kit won a competition at the 'Woodbridge Festival of Art and Music' to have his artwork projected onto the Tide Mill in Woodbridge - amazing


Eden completed the mud runner challenge and had a brilliant time!


Annabella completed the Summer Reading Challenge and got this certificate and medal - well done.


Darcie completed the Suffolk Reading Challenge and wrote her own book! Fabulous!


Bethany has achieved her 20m Rainbow swimming badge.  Great job!


Henrik gained his Learn to Swim Stage 2 award- great achievement Henrik!


Chloe earned her 'Get Active Badge' for completing 2 challenges.  Well done Chloe!


Spencer won this football medal for being a superstar at a football party he went to. 


Otis earned these rosettes for looking after a horse at Bentley Riding School.  He also won a Woodbridge Woodpeckers medal.


Matilda completed this beautiful peacock picture in 2 days! 


Cameron warned these athletics medals for most improved and 3rd place.  His favourite event is long jump. 


Sophia gained her Learn to Swim Stage 3 award as well as getting a certificate for being super brave when having her ear pierced!  Well done Sophia.


Savannah has passed her Gymnastics Award 2.  Brilliant achievement Savannah!


Tobias won trophies and medals when completing in the Blackpool Dance Festival for Ballroom and Latin dancing.  He reached the U12 Semi-finals! Tobias was also a winner at the Strictly School Dancing competition - Wow!


Arthur has earned his Rainbow Distance certificate for swimming 20m.  Great job Arthur.


Alfie took part in the Summer Reading Challenge at his local library and won this Wild World Heroes certificate and medal - well done Alfie!


Macey has been selected for the Elite Gymnastics team at her club - well done Macey!

Martha and Martha

Both earned their Learn to Swim Stage 2 Award - well done girls!


Eden earned her Lifesaving Water Safety certificate - well done.


Toby won a football trophy from his team - great stuff!

Bella and Evie

Bella and Evie earned their yellow/orange belt - great work girls!


Phoebe has gained her Gymnastics Level 6 award and well as her Water Safety certificate for Drowning Prevention week.  Brilliant


Robin built this amazing castle at home - complete with turrets, flags and characters!


Eliza has earned her Clarinet medal - amazing!


Elsa has ben awarded her yellow/blue belt in karate - well done Else!


George has achieved his Stage 5 Award for Gymnastics - well done George!


Bella earned her swimming 600m award.  Fantastic work Bella -  we are really proud of you.


Sybil earned her Learn to Swim Stage 2 award - well  done Sybil!


Oliver earned his Gymnastics Stage 2 award - great job Oliver!


Heidi has achieved her Stage 18 Swimming certificate.


Jessica has achieved her Gold Medal for Flute - now she moves on to proper grades - well done!


Eva has achieved her 4th Gymnastics award - amazing!


Sophie earned Stage 5 Gymnastics award - well done!


Leo earned his Stage 2 Swimming award - well done!


Shelbie earned her Stage 1 Swimming award - well done!


Iyla brought in this incredible maths work she had done at home - what a superstar!


Theo found and then researched a project all about Stag Beetles.  Great knowledge Theo!


Jamie earned this certificate for climbing 35 feet at Go Ape!


Lexi has gained her Yellow Belt with an Orange stripe - amazing stuff Lexi


Savannah has earned her Gymnastics Stage 3 and Learn to Swim 1 - a double certificate celebration!


Isabella has earned her fruit and vegetable and nature badges from Rainbows - brilliant!


Jacob is a swimming superstar and has made incredible progress - we are so proud of you!


Ellie has earned her Gymnastics Stage 5 award - well done!


Cecily has earned her Learn to Swim 2nd Award.


Maya has moved up a swimming group and is really proud - you should be!


Sophia has earned her Outdoor Swimming Badge - what a star!


Nathan took part in his first ever 2k Park Run and came 14th out of 58 runners.  Amazing running Nathan!


Ellie won a football medal for competing successfully for her team  - Woodbridge Woodpeckers.

Darcie and Elsa

Darcie and Elsa created these amazing endangered animal posters - great work girls!


Matilda is a superstar because she made this fantastic artwork at home experimenting with paint colours.


Heidi earned her Gymnastics Stage 1 award - it took a year and is the top award! Well done Heidi!


Sean is a superstar for being amazing at his swimming lesson and also reading a book completely on his own - he is even reading to his sister now! Great job Sean.


 Emily won these sailing trophies whilst competing at her sailing club.  She beat 43 other people to win one of them.  Well done Emily!

Emily and Amelie Emily and Amelie wrote these amazing poems after they were set a challenge in School.  Mr Gunson really enjoyed reading them - well done!
Brandon  Brandon is a double superstar for earning his Learn to Swim Badge 2 and completing the Scooter Squad Super Star award.  Fantastic stuff Brandon!
Mariyan Mariyan is a superstar for having his hair cut and donating it to the Little Princess Trust - amazing kindness Mariyan!
Arthur Arthur won a medal for competing for his Rugby Club - great work Arthur!
Isla Isla completed this brilliant story about the enormous turnip at home - amazing effort Isla!
Ted Ted completed his Stage 6 Gymnastics award.  Great job Ted.
Poppy Poppy completed some amazing story writing at home and brought it in to share with her class - well done Poppy!
Oscar Oscar was awarded this certificate for this amazing entry to the Young Artists'  Summer Show.  Well done Oscar!
Heidi Heidi was awarded this certificate for her amazing entry to the Young Artists' Summer Show.  Well done Heidi!
Sybil Sybil is a superstar because she has earned her 5m swimming badge.  We can't wait to see you swimming in the Kyson pool!
Jessica Jessica earned her Flute silver medal.  Great job Jessica!
Charlotte Charlotte has achieved Grade 1 Cello - that is fantastic! Great job!
Eva and Hope goes medals and awards for continuing their dance sessions all the way through lockdown - brilliant!
Annabella Annabella earned her Swimming Stage 5 certificate.   Hopefully she can start the next stage this week!  Well done!
Leo Leo earned a certificate and medal for being at Stagecoach for 4 Years! Great commitment  Leo.
Winston Winston is the Kyson TTRockstars champion of Year 4.  Can anyone beat him.  Amazing work Winston. 
Macey Macey won her Gymnastics Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.  Terrific! Well done Macey.
Sophia Sophia has been awarded with her stage 2 swimming certificate. Great swimming Sophia!
Nuala-Jane Nuala-Jane has been selected to join the Elite Ipswich Town Academy for her brilliant football skills.  Amazing!
Imre and Alfred

Imre and Alfred earned distinctions for their Karate skills.  They earned these certificates and belts too.  Brilliant!

Mia Mia won this enormous Gymnastics trophy for being the star of the week.  Well done Mia!
Tilly, Jessica and Bryleigh Tilly, Jessica and Bryleigh came to see me with some amazing writing they had worked on at home.  Well done girls!
Martha Martha wrote a brilliant story at home and brought it in to share with her class - well done Martha!
Darcie Darcie wrote a lovely story called  'All About Me and My Friends' at home - what a brilliant idea and thank you for sharing it!
Rosie Rosie earned a Blue Peter badge for this amazing poem written about her lockdown experience.  Very well deserved!
Heidi Heidi earned her gold award at Rainbows - brilliant news Heidi!
Lily Lily was featured in the newspaper for being part of Transition Woodbridge's acorn planting project.
Harley and Theo Harley and Theo completed some brilliant homework that they were super proud of - well done boys!
Finley and Daisy Finley and Daisy worked together over half-term on this super story.  Brilliant work!
Savannah Savannah achieved her Gymnastics Stage 5 award - well done!
Heidi Heidi achieved her Gymnastics Stage 2 award - great job!
Macey  Macey passed Gymnastics grade 3 (earning a sticker because it was tough!) and now she is on bronze, silver and gold. 
Brandon Brandon raised money for Great Ormond Street hospital by taking part in a run with his family!
Riley, Max and Alfred Riley, Max and Alfred completed a litter pick for their football team's training ground while they waited for their brothers to finish playing.
Elsa Elsa earned a yellow belt for karate - brilliant job!
Aleksandra Aleksandra made a brilliant sign of autumn poster complete with smiling leaves! What a great idea.
Heidi Heidi earned her bronze AND silver certificates from her Rainbows group.  Well done Heidi.
Joshua Joshua wrote this excellent 'George the Giraffe' story - with a brilliant front cover.
Lewis Lewis created some amazing 'Stone Age' hand prints using natural materials.  Fantastic.
Seth Seth has been writing his own stories at home - they are amazing.  Well done Seth
Mia Mia was awarded Gymnastics Star of the Week for her club.  We are really proud of you Mia!
Jessica Jessica earned a medal for her fantastic Toot playing.  Well done Jessica!
Louie Louie earned Green Blue Peter badge for looking after the birds in his garden by providing bird feed.
Rowan (and Finley) Rowan (and Finley) earned medals for their brilliant hard work completing the Couch to 5k over the holidays.  We are super impressed - especially with the way they supported each other!
Tamzin Tamzin came second competing against higher level opponents in a karate competition.
Diggory Diggory earned his Bronze Stage 2 Lifeguard award.  Great job Diggory!
Lily Lily achieved Stage 4 Learn to Swim and her 10m Rainbow badge.  Well done Lily!
Amelie Amelie achieved her Gymnastics Stage 3 certificate.  Super job Ami!
Darci Darci was given a superstar award after a recent visit to the hospital.  Well done Darci!
Isaac Isaac was an Octonauts  competition winner for his brilliant drawing.  He was even featured in the magazine!  Well done Isaac!
William William has achieved his Stage 4 Gymnastics award. Well done William!
Grace Grace has earned a skiing gold medal during a recent trip to France. Great job Grace!
Jasper Jasper earned his swimming award. He is a real swimming superhero! Great job Jasper!
Sybil Sybil has achieved lots of swimming certificates. Wow - what a superstar. Keep up the good work Sybil.
Lily-Ann Lily-Ann earned her dance award with honours for Modern Ballroom. Strictly Come Dancing here we come!
Sophia, Reide, Ava Sophia has received a "Star Award" for her bravery during all of he treatment. We agree hat she is a superstar! Ava and Reide have also been recognised for being brilliant siblings too! Well done to all!
Rafi and Winston Rafi and Winston made and sold pictures they had designed of the Chinese Zodiac around the time of the Chinese New Year. They raised £50 which they have donated to the Save the Koala fund in Australia. What brilliant kindness!
Hudson Hudson completed 10m to earn his rainbow swimming badge. Amazing!
Tamzin Tamzin has earned her green with blue stripe belt for Karate. Great job Tamzin!
Ollie Ollie has achieved his Stage 3 Swimming Water Skills certificate. Well done Ollie!
Emily Emily made an amazing homework project about rivers. It has lots of information about each part of a river's journey. Super dedication Emily!