Kyson Primary School

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We are delighted to share that Kyson Clubs will begin during the Summer Term. This again will be a great opportunity to offer your children a chance to enjoy an excellent range of extra-curricular activities. You may like to talk to your child about an activity or club they wish to participate in.  

Over the last two years, as part of our Covid recovery provision, the school has funded our afterschool clubs for all children. Unfortunately this is not financially sustainable for the school and therefore we are asking for a token £10 contribution for each club attended; this will not cover all costs, but will help pay the replenishment of equipment, new resources and our external coaches. This is £10 for 8 sessions, which works out to be less than £1.50 per session.

We will use our Pupil Premium funding to support children eligible for free school meals. Please do speak to Mr Gunson, or Mr Ward in confidence if your child is not eligible for free school meals and would like support with payment.

 All details can be found in the letter below from Mr Ward.   

summer term clubs 2024.pdf