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Theme Day!

 On Friday 3rd April we held a Kyson theme day with a difference. On this theme day children took part at home! Our theme was 'Back to the Future'. The idea was to spend some time thinking about the past, present or future in any way you choose.

Click here to watch the Kyson Introductory Video

Click here to see some of the work that families completed during the day

Here are a list of ideas that families could decide from:

  • Research what was happening in the world 20, 50, 100 or 500 years ago.
  • Predict what the world might be like in 20, 50, 100 or 500 years.
  • Create a time capsule of objects/notes/pictures from Friday 3rd April 2020 that you hide in your house/garden ready to find and open at some point in the future.
  • Write diary entry/draw a comic about your experience of ‘lockdown’ / ‘home learning’ to include in your capsule.
  • Design your own time machine - drawings/junk modelling.
  • What might homes be like in the future? What were they like in the past?
  • Recreate moments in history together as a family.
  • Film your own news channel reporting on events from the past, present or future.
  • Pretend to interview someone from the past.
  • If you could have 4 people from the past/present round for tea, who would you have?
  • Create a future house out of lego or junk or on the computer.
  • Design a new invention - what would it do?

Or alternatively lots of people came up with ideas of their own!